That has been popular to play a lot of talking about casino games that are the most fun and colorful at the moment, that is, fish shooting games or fish shooting games online, because it is a very easy game to play. Yes, there are not many rules. Easy to understand and also have good items for customers. Can choose many styles Customers will enjoy the graphics that are colorful, spectacular and spectacular. And the sound that is exciting, passionate about playing If your customers try to play, get to try that will definitely fascinate. As for the rules of play that are easy to understand, the fish shooting game is not too much and is not too poor. Just using our ammunition to shoot the fish that swim around will give us points from that fish shot. The client will win the prize money. Players will have to use ammunition to shoot fish. Each fish will score differently. Small fish will get fewer points. The bigger the fish, the higher the score. And still, die-hard Than the small fish as well The ammunition in the game is the money you customers bet. Added before playing in the bar As for the scores that can be played

Slot games that have a lot of wild or can lock Wild will allow you to collect the wind

Clients can play by shooting fish as a reward that can be calculated from the projectile plus the fish shooting points that your client can shoot that fish. But in order to play fish shooting games, you have to have money to bet. That is not too small Because to shoot a large fish and get the money, must use a certain amount of money to shoot The customer must have a plan to play well. Must set a goal to use the stake in the shot Must be mindful and concentrate on playing Everything depends on your own luck as well.

How to play in game Fish Shooting

Choose the fish shooting game that your client will pay. Or choose a room for you to play as a professional, and for you, a new customer who just started playing The customer will have to determine the ammunition for each shot and how much will start to bet instead of the money spent. If you shoot a large fish, you will get more money. If the big fish you shot dies, a score will appear immediately. Advise customers to avoid shooting fish that are about to fall off the screen. Aside from the fish won’t die You will waste the use of ammunition to firefish. Waste. Suggest that you shoot new fish that will shoot easier. If you, a customer with low stakes, shouldn’t be able to shoot big fish, they should shoot small fish to get more points. For this article, a small piece of information that we bring for every customer To be a good way to start playing, we hope that this article will be more or less useful.

How to play in game Fish Shooting

918 Kiss Fish There are 4 games to choose from OceanKing, DaShengNaoHai, LiKuiPiYu, and Fishing Star. Each game is divided into 2 levels, divided by ammunition. The first level is $ 10-100. The second level is the 1000-10,000. Administrators think Fishing Star is easy to play and doesn’t require complicated gun changes. But can also change the bullet of the bullet and dead fish are easier than other games If we have a small budget, start by shooting small fish first. If having funds to risk shooting a large fish Each fish is difficult to die. Death is different, it depends on the horoscope. Anyone who wants to try playing can apply to get in. Guarantee that it’s enamored with the fun And each game has different bonuses Keeping players excited all the time Colorful graphics ConsHigh quality graphics cause your phone to freeze. Or the game can bounce out. If interested, apply for the 918Kiss game Can click the apply button